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Educator Grants » Intensive Course/Seminar Scholarship

Intensive Course/Seminar Scholarship


Intensive Course/Seminar Scholarship

The Intensive Course/Seminar Scholarship is a reimbursement grant that covers 2/3rds the cost and registration fee of an intensive course or seminar being offered within a Jewish context.

The JECC recognizes that in order for educators to create successful and dynamic learning environments for their students, educators require opportunities to strengthen both their pedagogic skills and Jewish content knowledge. The JECC thus encourages all educators to explore the rich variety of local, national, and international adult learning opportunities that matches their educational needs and interests by providing funding to offset the cost of participating in such courses and seminars.


  To access this scholarship, educators must:

  1. Receive prior approval by contacting Seymour Kopelowitz
  2. Apply using the online application*.  The application link will be made available to qualified applicants once approval has been granted.  All applications are due June 19th of 2016 for conferences occurring between July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017. 
  3. After having completed the course/seminar, the educator must submit a proof of personal  payment through the online grant system. This can be a :
    •  personal canceled check
    • personal itemized credit card statement
    • personal receipt indicating a zero balance remaining
  4. Grant recipients will also need to provide proof of course completion through the online grant system.This can be:
    • An unofficial transcript
    • A letter/email from the instructor indicating course completion
    • A copy of a course completion certificate
* All applicants must have an individual email address