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CoP: Hebrew Through Movement Teachers

The vision of Dr. Lifsa Schachter (Professor Emerita, Siegal College) brought Hebrew Through Movement to life in Cleveland almost a decade ago. During her tenure, Hebrew teachers learned the skills necessary to teach HTM in a variety of workshops and formats. 
Since Dr. Schachter's retirement, the JEC's Curriculum Department began working with Hebrew Through Movement, offering the following supports:
In recent years, a group of Hebrew Through Movement teachers gathered to talk about their practice, and from there a Community of Practice (CoP) was formed.  Any HTM teacher in Cleveland is welcome to participate when the CoP is active; it is assumed that participants have either learned directly with Dr. Schachter or completed the online learning seminar.  
Check below for files from this CoP's efforts together.
The CoP is currently taking a break from its multi-year efforts. Stay tuned!