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A Taste of Judaism® » Feast of Judaism

Feast of Judaism

A Feast of Judaism
"A Feast of Judaism" is a six-week continuation of "A Taste of Judaism".  Classes delve further into issues of living Jewishly.  The
"A Feast of Judaism" class examines the Jewish concept of G-d, lifecycle events, holiness, holidays, and Israel.  The final session is truly a "feast" with Middle Eastern food sampled and accompanied by Israel music.  this program was created to serve as a link between the introductory course and further Jewish study.  The tent of Jewish learning is broad and open to the community to explore and experience.  "A Feast of Judaism" is taught on the east side and
west side of Cleveland at area synagogues. 
Classes are free; but registration is required.
For further information, please contact Sherri @ 216-371-0446 or