Steiger Family Education Grant

The Steiger Family Education Grant

The Steiger Family Education Grant recognizes an outstanding Jewish day school teacher by providing an opportunity for Judaic study in a formal setting. Up to $2500 will be awarded to help cover tuition and travel expenses. The educational experience must be approved by the JEC Director of Professional Development and the Steiger Family.


The recipient must use the award within a four year period.  To be eligible, any teacher in a JEC affiliated school (secular or Judaic studies) with a minimum of three years’ experience and a commitment to future day school teaching is eligible to apply.


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Award Winners

Year School Name
1997 Solomon Schechter Day School Yehudit Sharaby
1998 Fuchs Bet Sefer Mizrachi Tami Goldberg
1999 Solomon Schechter Day School Thea Rus
2000 Solomon Schechter Day School Lynne Leutenberg Yulish
2001 Fuchs Mizrachi School Marsha Goldstein
2002 Hebrew Academy of Cleveland Tsipora Greenberg
2003 Mosdos Ohr Hatorah Rabbi Avrohom Adler
2004 Gross Schechter Day School Anne Sportas
2005 Hebrew Academy of Cleveland Rabbi Ariel Klein
2006 Gross Schechter Day School Davida Horowitz Amkraut
2007 The Agnon School Malka Weil
2008 The Agnon School Karen Shiffman
2009 Gross Schechter Day School Nancy Markus
2010 The Agnon School Johannah Cross
2011 Hebrew Academy of Cleveland Bassi Busel
2012 Fuchs Mizrachi School Karyn Hartstone
2013 Gross Schechter Day School Mathew Norton
2014 Hebrew Academy of Cleveland Tova Rottenberg
2015 Joseph & Florence Mandel Jewish Day School Kim Farkas
2016 Yeshiva Derech HaTorah Julie Newman
2017 Fuchs Mizrachi School Estie Fried
2018 Gross Schechter Day School Jesse Ebner
2019 Joseph & Florence Mandel Jewish Day School Nurit Barnard
2020 Yeshiva Derech Hatorah Sora Berger