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Israeli Emissaries in Cleveland

Israeli Emissaries (Shlichim)

Cleveland welcomes a delegation of Israeli Shlichim a year.  Each of these shlichim come for a year, two years, or three years to provide Israel education throughout a variety of community settings. Shlichim come after graduating high school, or after serving in the Israeli army, or after completing the army and a degree.  Some are single and others come as a family where both the husband and wife work as shlichim.  As an educational convener for the community, the JEC  brings these educators together within a professional network.  Together, the JEC works with the shlichim to help them acclimate to life and work in Cleveland, to provide professional development in the areas of Israel education and outreach, and to find opportunities to work together and across Cleveland.
Below is a snapshot of a delegation of shlichim from one year that illustrates both the number of shlichim working in Cleveland and the different types of organizations hosting shlichim:
  • Bnei Akiva Cleveland (Youth Group)
    • 2 shlichim
  • Fuchs Mizrachi School
    • 4 teacher shlichim
    • 2 young women (Banot Sherut) completing their Sherut Leumi, the national service option for religious women choosing not to serve in the IDF after graduating high school, by volunteering at the school