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Curriculum, Library, and Teacher Materials

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The JEC's Curriculum Resources Department is comprised of
  • The Ratner Media and Technology Center 
  • The Teacher Center 
  • The Curriculum Department
Its staff members work hand-in-hand to enable the community's Jewish educators to maintain, strengthen and transmit Jewish values, traditions, knowledge and behaviors to current and future generations of Jews. To fulfill this role, the Curriculum Resources Department supports the work of JEC affiliates by:
  • enabling local Jewish educators to find, adapt, create and use educational materials and technologies
  • fostering the systematic integration of resources into educational programs
  • creating integrated media and curriculum collections
  • serving as a pedagogic examination center
  • initiating the exchange of ideas between local Jewish educators
  • providing professional growth opportunities for educational practitioners
  • reflecting with professional and lay leaders on current educational issues
  • incorporating the latest research from general and Jewish education
Please explore the many offerings of the Curriculum Resources Department.