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Educational Schools and Programs

The Cleveland Jewish community has a variety of options for students of all ages:
Cleveland provides a rich array of formal Jewish learning opportunities in early childhood, part-time congregational and supplemental Jewish educational programs, and full-time Jewish day schools.
Jewish camps provide elementary, middle, and high school kids with fun, friendships, and meaningful opportunities to learn Jewish values, culture, and traditions throughout the summer months. 
Many of the Jewish youth groups in Cleveland begin either in elementary and or middle school and extend throughout high school.  Participants meet other Jewish kids, learn in about Judaism, and begin developing leadership skills. 
There are a number of community-wide events and programs open to families with young children and children in either elementary and middle school.
Deepen your children's love of reading through the  PJ Library.  It sends your child (actually EACH of your children) a new Jewish book each month that's just perfect for his or her age! 
The community also provides support for students that have special needs.
Traveling to Israel sometime soon or in the future? Prepare your child financially with A Gift of Israel savings program.