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Shoresh Grants


Shoresh Grants

Imagine creating a program that brings new families together, gives parents of young Jewish children guidance and support, encourages the children to play and learn about Jewish concepts and helps them to feel a part of the Jewish community!


The Jewish Education Center of Cleveland is pleased to offer grants to innovative programs that target the participation of marginally-affiliated and under-involved families with young Jewish children (ages 0-5), while strengthening the connections of those involved in the Jewish community. Shoresh grants may be used for one-time or multi-session programming for parents and children together, or just parents. Requests that are collaborative in nature will be especially considered.



  • To identify and engage Cleveland’s marginally affiliated and under-involved families with young Jewish children.
  • To help these families find connection points to the Jewish community and with Judaism.
  • To increase the variety of Jewish social, educational and engagement opportunities for families with young Jewish children.
  • To encourage early childhood sites and their host institutions to develop a rich understanding of themselves as gateway institutions to Jewish community involvement.

New for the 2020-2021 grant year is a completely online application and reimbursement request process. Application information is on the Guidelines and Forms webpage (see column on the right).