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Websites & Resources

The JEC Curriculum Resources Department has created a number of websites over the years. Some are for teachers and some are for students. Some provide information and resources, while others offer experimental Jewish educational models. All JEC curriculum is available for free download from the
HEBREW THROUGH MOVEMENT: This is the main website for Hebrew Through Movement. The homepage includes an overview video of HTM and the curriculum guide (free download; it's also available from the middle of the homepage). The rest of the site contains videos and other resources. Want to learn how to teach Hebrew Through Movement? Check the REGISTRATION tab for access to our 10 module online seminar. The Facebook group is here:  Annually, over 15,000 children run and jump to learn Hebrew using the HTM model. 
#ONWARDHEBREW: The JEC has been the catalyst for this initiative that is changing the traditional Hebrew learning approach in-part-time/congregational settings. The website contains many resources including background information and supports for making change.The Facebook group is here:
jPRAYER: A website that offers all of the recent work of the JEC related to prayer, especially teaching sound-to-print. Student learning integrates meaning-making, vocabulary via Hebrew Through Movement, and decoding practice. Features, among other innovations, the use of the Flashmob - a group of teens that flash into a classroom to work one-on-one with students for 15 minutes, and then flash out again. 
I'M GONNA STAND UP: A website for 5thish graders that explores the main ideas behind the evening Amidah, the "standing" prayer.  Each blessing includes a Gold and Silver challenge, background videos, the chance to earn badges and become part of the I'm Gonna Stand Up photo gallery. The Facebook group is here: 
I'M COMING CLEAN: A website on the theme of t'shuvah (repentence) for use by pre B'Mitzvah age children at the time of the High Holidays. There are also pages for parents, with the hope that the learning extends beyond the classroom, to the home. The Facebook group is here: 
I LEFT WITH MOSES: Developed as an experimental blended learning format - students can work on this in class, as well as at home.  There is a page for parents as well.  All is based on the big idea from the haggadah, "In every generation we have to see ourselves as if we left Egypt."  The website includes videos, clickable activities and short short readings that supports both the big idea AND student preparedness for the seder. The Facebook group is here: 
LET'S LEARN HEBREW SIDE-BY-SIDE: Moving Hebrew decoding beyond grades 2, 3 and 4 and need a way to teach your older students? This site explains the JEC's program that combines online study and side-by-side learning - students learn to decode in 12-15 hours. The Facebook group is here:
JEC MARKETPLACE: This e-commerce site includes lots and lots of materials from the Teacher Center, Curriculum Department and Ratner Media and Technology Center.  While many items are available for a nominal charge, most of the Curriculum Department's materials are available for free and immediate download. 
IMMEDIATE RESPONSE CURRICULUM: A site that offers educators a variety of ways to respond to crisis, whether natural disasters or those caused by humans.  
ISRAEL: HEADS, HANDS AND HEARTS: A specific set of Immediate Response pages designed to help with crises in, or related to, Israel.
ISRAEL: SIX LENSES: An update of the "IsraelNOW Solidarity Curriculum" with a focus on the following six big ideas:
  1. Israel is a special place for Jews worldwide.
  2. Just as we stand by a friend in times of trouble, the Jewish community stands by Israel at this difficult time.
  3. It is important to be "critical consumers" of media, carefully evaluating the veracity and slant of the news about Israel.
  4. Israel anchors the Jewish people as a spiritual, national, and cultural center.
  5. To equate the actions of the Israeli army with those of Hamas terrorists draws a moral equivalency that does not exist.
  6. There are specific actions we as American Jews can do to support Israel.
ELECTION 2016: THROUGH JEWISH EYES The JEC continues its tradition of offering response curricula for national elections in the United States. Updated for 2016, the foci include Jewish views on leadership, Jewish views on good government, and Jewish activity in the political system. This is an apolitical curriculum, with no attention to specific candidates or issues.