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Curricular Approach

The JEC’s Curriculum Department has been developing and using curriculum to scaffold shifts in Jewish educational practice for almost three decades. While the department’s focus almost always begins with Cleveland’s local needs – whether part-time Jewish educational settings, early childhood programs, or day schools – the work of the JEC’s Curriculum Department is happily shared with colleagues beyond Ohio.


Core principles infuse all of the work of the Curriculum Department:

  • Focusing on big ideas of Jewish life; almost all curriculum is developed using Understanding by Design
  • Anchoring learning in traditional (and sometimes not so traditional) Jewish texts
  • Learning that is based in constructivism; the teacher moves to role of facilitator so learners become empowered and engaged
  • Integrating technology
Curriculum developed by tthe JEC is available for free and immediate download from the JECCMarketplace.
In recent years, the JEC has been the catalyst for dramatic shifts in congregational Hebrew learning, serving at the center of the national initiative #OnwardHebrew. It also supports Hebrew Through Movement, an engaging Hebrew language approach involving over 15,000 children annually in synagogues, early childhood programs, camps and day schools.