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Mission, Vision, and Core Values



The mission of the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland is to inspire transformative 

Jewish educational experiences that add meaning to the lives of Jewish children and

their families in Cleveland.




The vision of the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland is to instill a lifelong

love of Jewish learning to further Jewish continuity in Cleveland.




Collaboration | שיתוף פעולה (Sheetoof P’oolah):

We recognize that we are stronger together and embrace the diversity of our collective knowledge and resources.


Expert Leadership | מנהיגות חינוכית מובילה (Manheegoot Chinuchit Movila):

We are thought and practice leaders in Jewish education and share our expertise with

local and national partners.


Impact Focused | התמקדות במטרות הקהילה (Hitmakdut B’matarot Ha’Kehilla):

We maintain a clear focus on intended outcomes to create meaningful impact.


Inclusive and Accessible | הכללה ונגישות (Hach’lala V’nigeeshoot):

We value the richness of the Jewish community and work across diverse settings.


Stewardship | אחראיות בניהול משאבים קהילתיים (Achrayut B’Nihul Mashhabim K’hilatim): 

We are diligent in responsibly managing resources. We prioritize building capacity in the field.


Reflective Practice | גישה חינוכית רפלקטיבית (Gisha Chinuchit Reflectivit):

We continuously learn and make data-driven strategic decisions to serve community needs.


Respect | כבוד הדדי  (Kavod Hadadi):

We value everyone’s contributions, take time to understand and incorporate different perspectives, and treat one another with dignity.