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Financial Assistance for Israel Study

All financial aid applications are held in strict confidence and the review process is anonymous.


To be eligible to receive financial aid, the applicant must:

  • Demonstrate family financial need.
  • Be a resident of Cleveland or attend school in Cleveland.
  • Be a high school or undergraduate college student.
  • Participate in a JEC-approved Israel Learning Experience.
  • Be a first or second-timer to Israel


Awards are allocated as a grant, interest-free loan, or combination of both. All information is kept confidential.


Short Term [Less than 3 Months]

First Time to Israel up to $2000

Second Time to Israel up to $1500


Long Term [More than 6 Months]

First Time to Israel up to $1000

Second time to Israel up to $750


The application and all requested documents must be submitted to the JEC by December 1st for winter/spring programs and March 31st for summer/fall programs. Determinations will be made by December 31st and April 30th respectively. Please contact [email protected] or call Teresa Bruno at 216-377-6004 with any questions or concerns regarding due dates or determination timelines.


Application may take a few moments to submit. Please keep browser window open until the confirmation screen loads.


We recommend that you preview the application and gather all the documents that will be required onto your computer, then start completing the application. It is rather lengthy and will take some time to complete.
  • Remember to make sure you fill in every blank space. 
  • Monetary questions that you have no dollar amount to provide, please add a 0 as a place holder.  
  • Written responses that you have no answer to provide; please add N/A [Not Applicable] as a place holder.
  • Additionally, do NOT add a comma when indicating a money amount.
  • Finally, remember to select the hyperlinked word ‘agreement’ at the bottom of the application and then select the small blue box indicating that you have read the provided information within the agreement link.

Please use the high school application for Mandel JDS and Gross Schechter 8th grade trips. Graduating high school seniors should also use the high school application for summer programs before college or seminary and yeshiva study directly following high school. Only undergraduate students are eligible for the college financial aid program.


The application requires you to upload the following documents. Please have these documents ready to submit as you complete the application:

  • Complete and signed copy of parent's most recent Federal Income Tax Return 1040 Form, including schedules, if filed
  • Verification of program cost from sponsoring organization (copy of brochure or letter from organization.)
  • Credit card statement (if credit card balance exceeds $20,000)

This application does not have a save feature. Please review the questions and gather the required information before starting.


To access the financial aid application, select one of the following:


JEC Israel Financial Aid Application - High School

JEC Israel Financial Aid Application - College