Conferences and Intensive Courses


Conference and Intensive Courses

Day Schools: All educator grants for Jewish Day Schools will be administered by the day schools and not the JEC
Other Educational Settings:
The JEC provides a reimbursement grant to individual educators and non-educational administrators teaching and working within affiliated JEC schools to help offset the costs of attending educational or administrative conferences. Typically grants cover up to 1/3rd the total (within reason) costs incurred by the participant when attending a conference. These costs include conference registration, travel expenses, and lodging.
Application process:
  1. Applicants* must apply for a conference grant before attending the conference in order to guarantee funding. Paper applications will not be accepted.
  2. An email will be sent to the applicant indicating if and how much he or she has been granted.
  3. A maximum of five grants will be allocated to a school system for educators attending the same conference.
  4. After having attended the conference, the educator must submit either a personal canceled check, personal itemized credit card statement, and or personal receipt indicating a zero balance remaining through the online grant management system for lodging, conference fees, and travel costs.  Please note that these receipts are required even if a school paid upfront for these costs.  This requirement is due within 60 days of completing the conference.  Failure to do so may result in rejection of the grant.
  5. Checks will be mailed out to individuals within a month of the JEC having received all appropriate documentation.


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To apply for any of the following grants; Click Here.

Educator Conference Grant
Educator Intensive Course Grant


* All applicants must have an individual email address