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Mandel Teacher Educator Institute (MTEI)

Mandel Teacher Educator Institute

The Mandel Teacher Educator Institute (MTEI) has, for two decades, successfully developed a national cadre of educational leaders. MTEI graduates are transforming Jewish teaching and learning by engaging their teachers in substantive professional development. 
Local Cleveland Educators can apply to the JEC to receive reimbursements for participating in MTEI.  Only expenses related to hotel stay and travel will be reimbursed.  In order to receive reimbursements, participants must provide personal proof of payments for MTEI related expenses through the JEC online grant system.  


Reimbursement Requirements:

In order to receive your grant, you will be required to submit the materials listed below.  Please note that this is a reimbursement only grant.  Materials only submitted AFTER the completion of your conference will be accepted.  


Additionally, all materials must be received within 60 days after the completion of the conference.  Unless a staff member of JEC contacts you on behalf of Finance, who may require further clarification on your submitted documentation, you should receive your check in about a month. 


In order to receive your funding, please follow the required instructions listed below:


Please note that only the following costs are approved for reimbursement:

- Conference fees

- Lodging costs

-Travel costs including gas receipts and toll receipts


A required proof of purchase must include:

- An itemized receipt or an itemized vendor invoice/contract to support the expense


- Proof of personal payment for each receipt and each invoice.

  1. Canceled personal check (both front and back) with Itemized receipts indicating personal payment has been made.
  2. Itemized personal credit card statement with your name on it; you may redact other items.
  3. Itemized receipts indicating personal payment has been made or itemized paid contract/invoice from a vendor.


The reimbursement is due within 60 days of completing your conference or you will lose the funding.


Please contact the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland if you have questions.