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Jewish Education Study Program Courses


The Jewish Education Center works in partnership with Jewish supplementary school educational directors to develop a variety of short courses ranging from 10 to 15 hours that reflect the needs of their faculty. Many of these courses are offered directly within the specific schools.

Working together to enhance the educational endeavors and improve the educational capabilities of those teachers working with the children in the community, the JEC provides financial support for these courses by providing stipends for those course participants who have completed a courses.

Jewish Education Service Programs (JESP) represent 10 to 15 hours of coherent learning that work towards a building of understanding, knowledge and skills.

Personal stipends are $120 for a 10 hour class. Teachers may receive only ONE stipend per year for teaching in a congregational program. Breaks and meals can’t count towards the learning time.
Teachers in the Jewish Education Study Program are asked to register as an attendee. Please use the link below 'JESP Participation Registration'. Once registered with your congregation, you will not be required to register for each course.
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