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Professional Learning Opportunities


The JEC recognizes that in order for educators to create successful and dynamic learning environments for their students, educators require opportunities to strengthen both their pedagogic skills and Jewish content knowledge. The JEC thus encourages all of its educators to explore the rich variety of Communities of Practices, Educator Networks, and local adult learning opportunities that matches their educational needs and interests.

Click here to explore adult Jewish learning opportunities offered locally, outside of Cleveland, online, and in Israel. The JEC also provides subsidies for educators participating in approved adult learning and pedagogic instruction courses and programs. Hebrew language teachers should also visit here for more resources. As the number and type of providers for professional development is continually shifting and expanding, the list below is a sampling of options:

Online or In-Person Teacher

Professional Development Courses


Academic and or Degree/Certificate Programs and Courses in Jewish Education.

Courses offered to both matriculated and non-matriculated students. Stand alone courses can be taken for graduate credit or audited. Some degree/certificate programs require summer residency. All programs can be completed while living and working in Cleveland

Hybrid Offerings

Academic, Degree/Certificates in Jewish Education Offerings.

Programs mix in-person learning during the year or summer months. Some programs include online learning. All programs can be completed while living and working in Cleveland

Full Time Programs

Academic Degree/Certificate Programs in Jewish Education that require full-time residency