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Early Childhood Professional Development » College Courses, Degrees and Special Opportunities

College Courses, Degrees and Special Opportunities


College Courses and Degrees

The State of Ohio has been working hard to upgrade early childhood education with a five star quality rating system (Step Up to Quality) and other initiatives.  
The JEC, in cooperation with Ohio's TEACH program, offers funding to help early childhood teachers and assistant teachers increase their general educational background, through the following programs:
Ohio's TEACH program offers incredible benefits towards a CDA, an Associates and to a limited degree, a Bachelors. Teachers and Assistant Teachers in JEC-affiliate programs are encouraged to apply to Ohio's TEACH program for great funding opportunities; the JEC will help fill in tuition so that 100% is covered.  
When teachers are not TEACH-eligible, the JEC will cover tuition.
The JEC also has funding for teachers who haven’t been to college before (or in recent years) to take a “toe-in” to college learning; the community will cover the cost of one course.
For more information on any of these programs, contact Stacie RosemanJEC’s Early Childhood Education Associate.

Special Opportunities!

PROFESSIONAL COACHING: Teachers and assistant teachers desiring to improve their practice may request a coach from Nachama Moskowitz at the JEC. The coach is at no cost, and a completion stipend is available to the teacher.