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Profesional Development for School Directors

Early Childhood Directors Network is a group that meets monthly during the academic year.  
In partnership with this network, the JEC also supports a biennial "Yom Iyyun" (day of learning) for teachers, as well as annual professional development for the directors. Additionally, the JEC supports the Early Childhood Directors Network in developing an annual professional development opportunity for themselves. In recent years these learning opportunities have been with `
  • Dr Jen Glaser, Mandel Leadership Institute
  • Steven Harf, Marketing
  • Mark Horowitz, JCCA
  • Dr. Lifsa Schachter, Siegal College
  • Dr. Jenny Walinsky, Cleveland Psychological Assessments
  • Dr. Ron Wolfson, American Jewish University
  • Lorrie Appelby, Loose Parts
  • Dr. Meir Muller, University of South Carolina
For early childhood directors wishing to attain a Master of Arts in Early Childhood Education from the American Jewish University (online), or Gratz College (online) or a Masters in Jewish Education from Hebrew College (online) should be in touch with Rabbi Stacy Schlein.