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Community-Wide Learning

The JEC supports the Early Childhood Directors Network in developing an approximate every-other-year community-wide early childhood evening of learning (erev iyyun) for staff.   These are funded by the Jewish Federation of Cleveland's Fund for the Jewish Future and offered at no charge to the teachers or their educational programs.
Past conference keynote presenters have included
2002: Maxine Handleman, USCJ
2003: Mimi Chenfeld, JCC Columbus
2006: Diana Ganger, JECEI
2008: Jamie Gottesman, ODJFS
          Dr. David Brody, Efrata College of Education, Israel
2009: Dr. Lilian Katz, University of Illinois
2012:  Diane Frankenstein, Reading Together
2013:  Dr. Mark Horowitz, JCCA
2015:  Cathy Roland, URJ
2017:  Lorrie Appleby. Loose Parts
2019:  Dr. Meir Muller, University of South Carolina