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Background Checks

Background Checks

Background checks are required for every employee in all Ohio schools.

  • Two types of background checks are required:
    • BCI (Ohio Bureau of Criminal Identification/Investigation) and
    • FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) Fingerprinting.
  • New employees must have a BCI and FBI Fingerprinting before employment starts.
  • Current employees must update their FBI fingerprinting every five [5] years.
  • Background checks are reported to your school, the Ohio Department of Education [ODE] or Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services [ODJFS].
    • To the ODE for teachers, aides and administrators.
    • To the ODJFS depending on the early childhood department’s state requirements.


The JEC no longer provides background checks or fingerprinting at our facility.

Please contact the Jewish Family Service Association [JFSA].


1] Print the document below.


2] Call the number on the document and schedule an appointment with the JFSA.


3] Read carefully and complete the entire document.


4] Bring the completed document to the JFSA, address is on the document., the day of your appointment.