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LPDC & License Renewal

Local Professional Development Committee

& License Renewal


Per Ohio Department of Education (ODE) rules, the JEC Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) reviews and approves professional development plans and requests for educators who have 5-year ODE professional licenses.


5-year professional license holders:

Must write an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) with three [3] goals selected from Ohio Teaching Standards.
  • Must submit the IPDP to the LPDC via the online JEC Database system.
  • Must complete six [6] semester hours or 180 points of professional development every five [5] years in order to meet ODE renewal requirements.
  • Professional development activities include college courses (both undergrad and graduate), workshops, conferences, ODE mentoring, and more.
  • Submit one Pre-Approval Form via the online JEC Database system for each professional development activity prior to enrolling in a course/workshop/activity that will be used towards license renewal.
  • Pre-approval submission for PD can NOT have occurred more than six [6] months past.
  • Submit a description of the professional development activity as an attachment to the Pre-Approval form.
  • Obtain official verification documents upon completion of courses, workshops, and activities.
  • Submit official verification online to the LPDC to complete renewal requirements.
LPDC members will receive 25 professional development points for each year they serve on the LPDC. A maximum of 100 points can be counted towards professional development within a 5-year license cycle.
LPDC Chairperson will receive 60 professional development points for each year they serve on the LPDC, not to be maxed out. Three consecutive years, in current membership, are required on the JEC LPDC before being considered for the chairperson.