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Description of Mentoring


The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) requires Resident Educator (RE) license holders to be mentored by 5-year professional license holders who have completed ODE mentor training.


  • Mentoring refers to the relationship between beginning or incoming educators (RE’s) and an educator (mentor) as they support, guide and instruct RE’s on their instructional decisions.
  • Mentors support RE’s as they implement the Ohio Standards of the Teaching Professional and apply the components of the teaching and learning cycle to their instructional practice. 
    • JEC Mentors earn professional development credit for each year they serve as a mentor to a Resident Educator (RE) by submitting a Pre-Approval form accompanied by a Mentor Professional Development form to the JEC each year.
  • Mentors are required to track time spent with RE’s and submit a mentor log each year of mentoring to the JEC Program Coordinator.
  • With guidance and direction from the assigned mentor, Year 1 and 2 RE’s are required to complete and submit documents per yearly requirements.
  • Mentors serve as facilitators to Year 3 RE’s during the Resident Educator Summative Assessment (RESA).