Dr. Sylvia Fleck Abrams Award for Special Education

The Dr. Sylvia Fleck Abrams Award for Special Education

This award recognizes an individual who displays a sensitivity, understanding, and skill set pertaining to advancing the educational experience for children with special needs in a Jewish educational setting. The recipient will be awarded $1000.


Any educator with a minimum of three years’ teaching in a Cleveland Jewish school (secular or Judaic studies) is eligible. A nominee should ideally possess credentials pertaining to Special Education. This award is given once every two years. 


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Award Winners

Year School Name
2012 Park Synagogue Renee Schonhiutt
2013 Hebrew Academy of Cleveland Sori Fleisher
2015 SEGULA Fern Kendis
2017 Hebrew Academy of Cleveland Gretchen Shapiro
2019 Fuchs Mizrachi School Beth L. Coven