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ODE Applications



5-year Professional License


  • License issued with July 1st effective date and June 30th expiration date five [5] years later.
  • Must be renewed every five [5] years - refer to LPDC and License Renewal section.
  • License designates what educator is licensed to teach.
  • Types of licenses include: Pre-K to grade 3, grades 4-9, grades 7-12, Intervention Specialists. Complete lists on ODE website.
  • FBI background check must be updated every five [5] years.

4-Year Resident Educator License


  • Issued when teacher preparation program is completed at an Ohio college or university.
  • Out of state applicants receive 4-year Resident Educator licenses if they hold out of state licenses and have taught less than three [3] years.
  • See Resident Educator section.

Non-Tax Certificate


  • Non-tax certificates are only valid in chartered non-public schools. JEC day schools are chartered non-public schools.
  • For bachelor’s degree holders, official transcripts must be submitted to the ODE.
  • For non-degree holders, non-tax certificates are for educators teaching religion, Hebrew, art, music, and/or technology.
  • Effective date is July of the school year.
  • No expiration date.
  • Must have BCII and FBI background checks.
  • FBI background checks must be updated every five [5] years.

Educational Aide Permit 


  • Valid for one year from effective date through June 30th of expiration year.
  • Effective date should be based on the school year as of July 1st.
  • Expiration date is always June 30th of the school year.
  • Must be renewed annually.
  • Must have BCII and FBI background checks submitted to ODE.
  • FBI background checks must be updated every five [5] years.